Eye Care Treatment


-- Ultherapy Eye Treatment
Ultrasound energy is to stimulate the growth of
new collagen. Ultherapy to trea the eyes specifically to tighten and smooth lower eyelid skin,soften crows feet , lift the upper brow and reduce upper eyelid sagging.

-- Nano Eye Treatment
Effective for pigmentation, sleep disorders, emotional instability, aging and other different causes of dark circles, activation of cells, promote eye blood circulation and microcirculation, improve skin metabolism, decomposition of excess fat, dilute the eye pigments and dark circles, Tighten the skin tighten the lower eyelid skin, improve the overall vitality of the eye, so that the eyes to restore charming charm.

Once/$78  10Times/$580

-- Bio Eye Treatment
Eye Bag , Wrinkle,Dark Circle.

Once/$58  10Times/$380